Our History

Since 2002, The Gem Jewelers has served Harrisburg and all of Central PA as a reliable,
family-owned source for jewelry sales and jewelry repairs.

Gemstones fascinated Joel from a young age: he recalls gifting his mother with “rings” made from stones found in the garden. When his father later dabbled in precious metals, Joel’s interest in jewelry solidified. Thirty years ago, he entered the industry as a bench jeweler. This allowed Joel the opportunity to develop and hone skills in jewelry evaluation and repair. Today, Joel enjoys the challenge of taking in difficult jewelry repairs that other jewelers refuse. He prides himself on unconventional approaches that bring new life to broken and damage pieces.

Pam grew up surrounded by family involved in one aspect or another of the jewelry business. Her father traded in the precious metals market, and several of her uncles owned and operated jewelry stores. Her own interest led her to the pursuit of GIA Certification in gemology from the accredited Geological Institute of America. Today, she manages the day-to-day operations of The Gem Jewelers and oversees the store’s digital presence, managing thousands of sales through online markets. Her passion for the design qualities and characteristics of historic pieces led her to become one of Central Pennsylvania’s leading experts in antique and vintage jewelry.